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The 7/21/2021

Festival des chapelles 2021 - #3 : Duo Jaffré / Lucas

8:30 p.m .: Concert of Breton songs and harp. Elodie Jaffré and Awena Lucas perform traditional songs from Lower Brittany. One is a Breton singer and the other is a Celtic harpist.

Initially, silence. Powerful and sensitive. We take our place on board, on tiptoe and ears. Radiant, the artists Élodie Jaffré and Awena Lucas welcome us with delicacy. The voice rises, splashes the space, the harp bursts out in its turn. Two streams which become a river. Then begins a journey on these bewitching waves. And the public lets itself be carried along, between two shores, through the ages. At the source, traditional songs from Lower Brittany. We float in the land, in the forest, then sail by the sea, carried by the Breton language. Élodie and Awena's repertoire reflects the past, full of emotion. Over the gwerziou, sonioù and kan à diskan, people's voices resonate. They share their love stories, their sorrows and their separations.Sometimes the boat stops on a bank, Élodie and Awena take the time to tell their songs. So, we immerse ourselves more beautifully in these fresh melodies. An enchanting journey of one hour, to listen and to dance, from which one comes out submerged… (Marie Fidel. 11/2018)

Every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m., from July 8 to August 25 - Festival closes Friday September 17: Chapel Festival, varied and quality concerts in one of Erdeven's chapels. Admission is free: your potential donations are returned in full to associations for the maintenance of the chapels.


Chapelle St Guillaume Lisveur 56410 ERDEVEN

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