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The 8/11/2021

Festival des chapelles 2021 - #6 : Duo Lazuli

8:30 p.m .: Celtic harp and flute concert

Atypical and magical duo born from the meeting of two universes: one rather jazzy and turned towards improvised music, the other distilling spices, colors and scents of Brazil ...
The two musicians share a passion for travel. Like explorers, they travel the paths of the imagination, combining vertigo and balance, magic and the joy of the land ...
Emilie Chevillard, string weaver: She started playing the harp at the age of 9 with Marie Wamberghe. She continued her studies at the CNR in Nantes in the class of Catherine N'Guyen. After obtaining the DEM, she learned about the large harp She won the 'Camac' competition in 2010 in Limoges (first prize with congratulations from the jury) and won the Déclic-Jeunes scholarships from the Fondation de France in 2011. This latest innovative project allows him to produce a prototype of a rare chromatic harp (new harp with aligned strings).
Emilie's musical eclecticism allows her to tackle very different repertoires such as Classical, traditional music or improvisation.
Yves Brisson, sculptor of breath: Classically trained, Yves Brisson met the Gypsy musicians with whom he performed for several years. Several love at first sight strewn its course: the modinha, the choro (Brazil), the merengue (Venezuela), the danzon (Cuba)…
Self-taught composer, author of tales, the flautist likes to weave connections between the arts, to build bridges between music and cultures. He makes several albums with his own compositions, surrounded by pianist, organist, harpists, guitarist… He is the inventor of the Colibrisson resonators, the magical accessory that is turning the lives of musicians upside down…

Every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m., from July 8 to August 25 - Festival closes Friday September 17: Chapel Festival, varied and quality concerts in one of Erdeven's chapels. Admission is free:your potential donations are returned in full to associations for the maintenance of the chapels.


Chapelle Saint Guillaume de Lisveur Lisveur 56410 ERDEVEN

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